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Thread: Please, Daddy?

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    Please, Daddy?

    Hands behind my back, you push me down onto my knees, seeing the anxious desire burning in my eyes. Running your finger across my lips, I flick my tongue against your fingertip, gently sucking, pulling it into my mouth; running my tongue up and down, sucking, teasingly, keeping my eyes locked with yours, full of intense wanting. You pull your hand away from my mouth, taking it and grabbing the back of my head, tangling your fingers in my hair, pulling me into you; my face pressed up against the crotch of you pants, burying it firmly against you. I can feel your dick through your pants, pressing against my mouth, hard. I move my eyes up to yours, silently begging you daddy, please? You let go of my head a little, yet still keeping a firm hold, as I continue to bury my face in your crotch, nipping gently.
    As if answering my my silent plea, you step back a little, and unbuckle your belt. Keeping your eyes locked with mine, you ask babygirl, what do you want? As you begin to unbutton your pants, I look at you fiercely, filled with desire before softly responding to you, I want your dick in my mouth, daddy. As I sit, anxiously waiting, feeling the need build in me, you step back up to me, as your pants drop to the floor. One hand wrapped around your dick, you take a handful of my hair and pull me close to you, now pressing the head against my lips softly, as my tongue slides out to meet it. I open my mouth to you, placing a gentle kiss on the end of it, before I take the tip into my mouth and suck, gently, wrapping my tongue around it. I start to suck slowly, taking more of you into my mouth; you pull my hair more, lifting my head up a little more before quickly thrusting into my mouth, making me choke back a little. My eyes stay locked with yours, as you begin to move in and out of my mouth with more intensity. You keep a firm grip on my head, pressing deep into my throat, as you fuck my mouth.
    I keep sucking, knowing daddy likes his dick in his babygirl's mouth, feeling myself getting wetter and wetter by the moment, knowing I am pleasing you; seeing the look in your eyes as you watch me, on my knees, with your dick filling my mouth. I continue as you keep pressing deeper and deeper into my throat; I hear your breathing quicken, as you pull my head harder onto you, in and out, faster and faster, before pushing me back, leaving me begging you for more; knowing how much I love pleasing you.
    You pull me up, onto my feet, pressing your lips firmly against mine, grabbing my hand, wrapping it around your hard dick. I feel your tongue parting my lips, exploring my mouth, filled with passion, as I slide my up and down you. Your fingers tangle in my hair, moving my head to exactly where want it, pulling me even closer to you, before abruptly stopping, pushing me back down to my knees again. You pull my head back against you, as my lips part to take you into my mouth again. You shake your head, eyes filled with that authoritative stare, silently telling me no. Looking into your eyes, you can read every thought I have. You see how I'm filled with intense want, how desperately I want you inside me, yet you make me wait. You press your hands against my shoulders, nodding, telling me to get down further. I drop onto my hands and knees, ass high in the air. You drop onto your knees, behind me, running your finger along my wet pussy, as I take a quick breath with surprise. Your hands run along my body, up my sides, reaching around to grab my breasts. Your hands tug and squeeze none to gently, pinching at my nipples, making me squirm under your rough touch. I can feel your dick pressed against my ass, as your hands continue to explore my body. You run your hands back down my body, pulling me against you. Your fingers slide in between my legs again, as you begin to circle my clit, making a moan escape my lips as I try to press back harder against you. Don't move, babygirl, I hear you say. I know you mean business, by the tone filling your voice. You continue circling my clit, speeding up a little more, knowing it is driving me wild. You begin to slide your fingers down more, teasingly, barely entering me, making me want it even more. Please daddy, I need you inside me, I beg you. Sliding your fingers in a little more, I gasp out, as you drive me insane with desire. You know exactly what you are doing to me. You feel how wet you are making me. You know you are making me crazy with desire. You thrust your fingers into my wet pussy, harder now, deep inside me, moving them around inside me, as I use every ounce of self control I have not to move. You push them in and out, several times, before pulling them back out quickly.
    I feel your hands pull my ass close to you, moving down, running your fingers over my pussy lips, spreading them gently, before being replaced by the tip of your dick. You rub your dick up and down against me, filling me with more anticipation than I can take. I feel you pressed against my pussy, just for a moment, as you grab hold of my ass again, and slam into me. Ohh, daddy, you know just how your babygirl likes it. Daddy, please. Fuck me...You begin to slide in and out of me, slowly at first. Your hands move up and down my back, scratching against my skin lightly, as you pick up pace. Your dick sliding in and out with more ferocity than before. You pull almost all the way out, before slamming back into me so hard, keeping a tight hold on my ass. Yes, daddy. Please. Fuck your babygirl hard You feel so good inside of me, fucking me...moving in and out of my wet pussy...You move one hand off of my ass, sliding it around, circling my clit as you thrust your dick in and out of me, faster and faster. You feel my muscles begin to contract around you, as you push in, so deep, and stay right there, making me beg you not to stop. Please daddy? Please? Make me come? As I beg you to continue, you begin to move in and out of me again; slower and deeper in me than before. You push all the way inside me, as I feel your hips pressed up against my ass, moving slightly, firmly against me. You pull back a little, before slamming into me again, as I gasp Daddy, can I come? please?? As you continue to move in and out of me, you say come for daddy, babygirl. come, now. You feel me coming around you, as I gasp out in a cry of ecstasy. I hear your subtle moans, as you press deeply, coming with me, before pulling out of me.
    You pull me close to you, wrapping me up in your arms, kissing me gently, as I whisper Thank you daddy...I love you. I know I am safe in your arms--the only place I ever want to be.
    A night without you is like a day without sun; a sky without stars; a life without dreams....
    Until the day comes where you can be by my side day in, and day out, I will cling to the moments, however seldom they may be, where I am in your arms...

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