Kissing your lips tasting you a gently slap to the face pushing you down on the bed
I slide myself down your body
Kissing my way down your body D
own your leg
" Mmm Daddy taste me"
Your begging me to wrap my lips around your clit I tell you to beg me if you want more
"Daddy please eat my pussy"
I move just inches from your clit
"Ohhh daddy please please taste me"
"My pussy is yours daddy only yours "
The tip of my tongue glides against your clit licking up against your clit making small circles around it
I beging slowling teasing your clit"
"Mmmm daddy "
I slide 2 fingers inside your pussy and i begin to fuck you as my tongue is wrapped aroud your clit
Sucking licking kissing pulling you into my mouth...
"Fuck daddy fuck me" your begging
"My pussy is yours fuck me hard eat my pussy daddy"
Your begging me
I start to fuck you faster and harder sucking your clit pulling you deeper into my mouth
My mouth wraps around your clit "Daddy fuck me harder"
"Mmmm daddy i know you love the taste of my pussy,fuck your lil girl daddy eat my pussy daddy"
Mmmm your moans turning into screams of pleasure your screaming "Daddy"
I am slamming in and out my fingers burried deep inside of you my tongue licking and sucking
I beging pullling your clit into my mouth keeping it in my mouth sucking as hard as I can my tongue finds that one lil spot
"Fuck daddy im gonna cum"
My tongue stays on that one spot my fingers slamming your pussy my tongue my lips wrapped around you
"Cum for me lil girl cum for your Daddy"
"Im cumming daddy oh fuck im cumming"
You cum all in my mouth
I climb up your body
Our lips meet tongues circling around each other your tasting yourself
With one long hard thrust I am deep inside your pussy
"oh fuck Daddy fuck I love your dick inside of me "
You keep moaning "Daddy fuck me hard"
Your begging I slam in and out rough hard deep fast
"Fuck me Daddy ""Fuck your lil girls pussy daddy"
I fuck you harder faster and deeper you cum all over my dick
"Please Daddy"
"Please let me suck it clean", your begging me
"Ok lil girl suck daddys dick clean baby"
You take it deep in your mouth you know i love when you do that
Taking me deep into your mouth
Your lips wrapped around my dick
deepthroating if you almost choke on it
pinching your nipples
puling your hair
fucking your mouth
your sucking it such a good lil girl
I Cum all in your mouth
I pull out
Kissing you passionatly