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      by Published on 06-19-2014 08:05 AM

      Bay Area!!!!! You are looking gorgeous this weekend. Gorgeous weather, gorgeous people, gorgeous places and, of course, many gorgeously diverse things to do. Frameline Fest is happening over the next two weeks, I highlight a couple of must see films but please make sure to check out their full schedule. I am super excited to have had the opportunity to interview transman, Kingston Farady this week, lead actor in Black is Blue which is premiering this week at the film festival. Make sure you mark your calendars. See you out and about this weekend! To read the interview click here.
      by Published on 06-16-2014 07:13 AM

      Pride Month keeps marching on a break neck speed! Have you recovered from last weekend yet? Remember this is a marathon not a sprint so hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! This week I am so honored to have interviewed Shannon Pacaoan, one of the producers of the Bakla Show 3 opening this Thursday. It is a great read plus get all the info about what is going down this weekend on both sides of the Bay. It’s gonna be another scorcher of a weekend.

      Miz Chris [MC]: Where are you from?

      Shannon Pacaoan [SP]: I was born and raised in a small conservative town in San Luis Obispo County – where Alexis Arquette was attacked with transphobia by local college students, where prop 8 passed and where a cross burning occurred within the last 5 years. But where I’m from? I come from the heart.

      What does the term Bakla refer to?

      The Bakla (Tagalog for ‘gay male’ – a pejorative, mostly stereotyped and ridiculed as the campy effeminate cross-dresser or hairdresser) The show was created in November of 2006 by Kat Evasco and me, as a start of a new movement to reclaim the term ‘BAKLA’. The origin of The Bakla Show began with exploring roots; navigating through the history of the Philippines to find a sense of our culture before the influence and impositions of other countries, ideals, and religions. And it was found in the language, BAKLA broken down to its roots in Baybayin: BA; KA; LA. BAbae, in Tagalog, translates to woman. LAlaki is man. KA, in this word, represents the union of woman and man. Deconstructing the term

      bakla detaches it from present derogatory applications and fosters a stronger connection to the Filipino culture by way of our sexuality.

      <click here to read the rest of the interview>
      by Published on 02-19-2014 01:57 PM

      It's less than a month until Spring arrives on March 20th, but you wouldn't really be able to tell here in the Bay. Although we had a few days of showers, it has been really beautiful with the sun shining and the temperature just right. This weekend it is supposed to be gorgeous which is great because this weekend in events is equally fantastic. There is so much to do this weekend and it is not even Spring yet!

      Check out all the Bay has to offer including my interview with the owners of the new Oakland venue Parliament, a review of one of my favorite pizza joints Pizzaiolo plus Black Weirdo is coming back to Oakland (check upcoming events.) Without further ado go forth and party! For a full listing of events this weekend click here.

      Chris NewellMiz Chris [MC]: Where are you from?

      Jason Bradford [JB]:
      San Francisco native born and raised , Oakland resident homeowner/investor since 2009.

      Davina Dickens [DD]:
      Born and raised in San Francisco , lived in a Oakland off on on for the past twelve years.

      Chris Newell [CN]:
      San Francisco originally, but I’ve lived in Oakland for the past four years

      What inspired you to open up a new venue in Oakland?

      [JB]: Oakland has equally everything to offer that San Francisco does in my opinion. I’m quite fond of the hospitality/nightlife industry. Unfortunately, there aren't

      enough venues that offer the versatility that San Francisco venues offer. This became one of our inspirations and mission for opening a new venue in Oakland.

      [DD]: I have experienced Oakland’s high’s and low’s through the past decade. I’ve taken noticed that Oakland has been maintaining and thriving towards a new direction. With the surge of new restaurants, retail shops, and nightlife spots, I felt the need and wanted to be apart of the exciting new development taking place in Oakland.

      I have experienced Oakland’s high’s and low’s through the past decade. I’ve taken noticed that Oakland has been maintaining and thriving towards a new direction. With the surge of new restaurants, retail shops, and nightlife spots, I felt the need and wanted to be apart of the exciting new development taking place in Oakland.

      [CN]: Oakland is probably the city that still incorporates what I believe to be the Bay Area attitude and atmosphere the most. Growing up in the bay we’ve always seen tourists come to visit, but the diversity and attitude of the people has always been a reason to stay, Oakland exemplifies that. To provide the people of Oakland a place to go that offers a level of quality that I think that they deserve, and to add to the nightlife experience that is really coming into fruition here.

      [MC]: What previous experience do you have in Bay Area nightlife?

      [JB]: I have been professionally working in the nightlife industry for over a decade. I have managed a staff of 4 to 25 and held every position in the nightlife industry. From barback, bartender, Assistant Manager to Manager twice over. This is my third business in Alameda County and my first bar/event venue, but not my last.

      [DD]: My experience and focus is in Administrative and Logistics. I have a vast knowledge in all aspect of administrative operations and human resources. With my rich cultural background and professional experience, I have a great deal to contribute to the industry.

      [CN]: I have personally been in the nightlife industry since 2001, I began as a barback and worked my way up through the ranks until I became management. This is the first bar we’ve owned, hopefully there will be more to come.

      [MC]: Why the name Parliament?

      [JB]: The Bay Area has always represented equal representation for everyone. With the progressiveness of Oakland we wanted a name that was equally befitting to us and the Oakland community, hence Parliament.

      [DD]: We collectively decided on the name Parliament. Along with its original English definitions and the new direction of Oakland, it was fitting.

      [CN]: English Parliament was originally established for equal representation of the people, we believe that we can accomplish that same idea for entertainment. By offering a variety of events and music, we hope to represent the diversity of Oakland that we have all grown to love.

      [MC]: What are your hopes for your new venue?

      [JB]: In addition to maintaing a level of integrity and professionalism, we hope to have sustainability and longevity in the nightlife industry. We hope to bring a sense of dignity and ownership to the community of Oakland through Parliament. By offering a fun, safe environment for all to enjoy their entertainment needs.

      [DD]: My hope is to make Parliament a premiere destination for everyone’s entertainment and nightlife needs. While representing and bringing a level of pride and respect to Oakland and the community.

      [CN]: I hope that people see us for what we are, a venue to hold their next wedding, birthday, corporate event, or dance party. We want to be a place that people enjoy and feel safe at. We’re not some big corporation that can only see the bottom line, we live and work in this beautiful city. We hope that the people feel comfortable enough to come down to have a drink and a conversation with us. Cheers.

      Check out Parliament's schedule for a listing of events.

      For a full listing of events throughout the Bay Area this weekend click here.