• Write a catchy headline. Make it memorable but don't be boastful. "Saucy Princess seeks Sensitive Pirate for Midnight Raid" tells a lot more about you than "Femme Seeks Butch."
    • Post a photo. Want more responses? The easiest way to get noticed is to post a photo on your personal ad. Try to find a picture that shows how you normally look (because that's the person we want to meet!). You will see a link on the left-hand side of the personals home page for adding a photo to your existing ad. The photo for your personal must be in a .jpg or .gif format, set at a reasonable resolution (example: 72 dpi), and sized within 200 by 200 pixels or less. That translates to mean that the photo must be sized to no larger than 2.75 inches in height or width. Otherwise, the photo won't upload to our server.
    • Describe yourself and the person you're seeking. What makes you unique? People are more likely to respond to your ad if they are attracted by something you've told them about you. Focus on the positives.
    • Show -- don't tell. Instead of saying "I like music, movies and restaurants," offer specific examples. It's more revealing to say you're turned on by "Barry Manilow, Woody Allen flicks, and spicy Mexican food."
    • Be creative. Have fun with your ad! That way people will know they can have fun with you. Make your ad stand out by describing your most intriguing feature or your most memorable experience.
    • Keep it brief. No one wants to read your life story. Write enough to catch someone's attention. You can share the more personal details later.
    • Don't lie! Honesty can prevent disappointment for both you and your potential date. Just remember, you could end up meeting someone who reads your ad, so don't say you're 6'1" if you're really 5'4".
    • Double-check your spelling and grammar. People are more likely to take your ad seriously if you've put some thought into it. Use proper punctuation and capitalization. ADS WRITTEN IN ALL CAPS LOOK LIKE SHOUTING. ads written in all lowercase with no punctuation even commas are hard for readers to understand dont you agree.


    So many queer relationships are transitory and face some special difficulties because of societal rejection and lack of support. At times this lack of support may cause you and your lover to feel isolated. Relationships between females require caring communication, generousity, commitment, peaceful communication, and spending qualit, fun time together. These six tips will help maintain a good foundation on which to build a lasting relationship that can stand the test of time.

    Understand that your other half is a gift in your life, and you have a responsibility to take care of your marriage and/or relationship. If the two of you are going to grow, you have to allow one another space for change.

    1.) Be caring.

    Make time for each other
    Listen carefully when hie/she is talking, especially about fears, wishes, and the future.
    Be interested Say "Good night" every night, regardless of how you feel. This tells your partner that, regardless of how upset you are with him or her, you still want to be in the relationship. It says that what you and your partner have is bigger than any single upsetting incident.
    Our skin has a memory of "good touch" (loved), "bad touch" (abused) and "no touch" (neglected). Couples who say hello with a hug keep their skin bathed in the "good touch," which can inoculate your spirit against anonymity in the world.
    Try to see things from her point of view.

    2.) Be generous

    Share income and possesions
    Talk your heart by openly talking about your hopes and fears
    Talk about your day, especially if it's been tough, and ask about her day
    Tell hym or her what they do right
    Pay compliments freely
    Tell them the good things about your love making together.


    In the Internet age, with its email lists and web personals, you can easily get involved with someone who doesn't live in your city, or even the same state or time zone. Isn't it funny how innocent flirting can result in a $400.00 phone bill for one month? Anyway, that's what happened to me!

    After the shock of that first phone bill began to wear off I thought I'd better get my finances in order or I wasn't going to be able to afford this relationship, and I knew I wanted to!

    Reach out and touch someone-At 25 cents a minute? No WAY!

    That phone bill left me determined to never pay that much again. I also was not willing to lose any precious phone time with my beloved. Well, I'd found my sweetie on the Internet, so why not find cheaper phone rates there too? I really learned a lot! I didn't realize how many deals the main long distance companies were offering: 10 cents a minute on weekends; 5 cents a minute during certain hours; 10 cents a minute all the time any time. Ugh, it was too confusing.

    I decided to examine my phone bill to determine what phone plan would be best for me. I was calling one long distance number, usually after 5pm on weekdays and all the time on weekends. The calls were lasting from 10 minutes to 5 hours! No wonder my phone bill was so high!

    First, I chose an AT& T plan that charged 9 cents a minute, all day, everyday with no hidden costs and contracts. This plan required that I receive my bill on the Internet (no paper bill would arrive at my house.) Each month on a specific day they took the money right out of my checking account. I didn't even have to write a check! And, as this plan didn't have a contract I was able to switch to AT & T's 7 cents a minute plan as soon as it was available. That saved me even more money.