Old-school, or classic butch-femme--- Refers historically to the well-documented Butch-Femme community that organized in the 50's. Can also refer to modern day Butches and Femmes who appreciate an/or emulate many of the values from an era when the roles in our community were more clearly defined.
    Power Femme--- Femme who revels in the power, strength, and mystique of her femininity.
    Femme top, Femme bottom, Butch top, or Butch bottom--- Didja think all S/M Femmes were bottoms? A Butch bottom might express masculinity and strength through endurance, while a Femme top might express her power through femininity.
    Stud--- In a lesbian relationship, the stud has the more aggressive mentality (in most cases). A "stud" typically dresses more masculine, and enjoys the normal "male-identified" activities (ie. watching sports, hanging out, fucking). A "stud" is stereotypically used to describe a black masculine lesbian, as most white masculine lesbians are considered "butch".
    High Femme
    --- Exhibits hyper-femininity which may manifest itself outwardly in appearance, and inwardly as a a celebration of femininity.
    Packing---Butch wearing a "cock" under clothing. This could be a silicone or rubber model readily used for fucking, or a realistically flaccid prothesis which can either be purchased or home-made.

    Domestic violence, intimate partner violence, relationship abuse, same-sex partner abuse whatever you call it, it is present in all communities, including queer communities.

    Relationship abuse is a pattern of control exerted by one partner over another using coercive, threatening, and/or violent strategies. Control is often kept in place by isolating the victim, promoting fear, and narrowing options. Abuse is different than BDSM in that only one person determines what will happen, no consent is asked for or given, and the person being abused cannot stop what the abuser is doing.

    There are many forms of abuse and control that can happen in relationships. It can include stalking, threats, intimidation, and physical violence. Often things start out at a much lower level, making an abuser hard to recognize. Early warning signs include possessiveness, jealousy, frequent mood swings, and anti-social behavior. Abuse usually escalates in frequency and severity over time. The best way to combat relationship violence is to become educated about it. The phone numbers and links on this page are a good place to start learning more about relationship abuse.

    Whether it is you, or someone you know, there is help and support available. Every state has a Domestic Violence Coalition (http://www.ncadv.org/resources/state.htm) that can provide local information about hotlines, shelters, counseling, and law enforcement. There is a National Domestic Violence Hotline (www.ndvh.org) that can connect people to local help and resources.

    Help us add to our reading list please recommend books to be added!

    The Little Butch Book
    by Leslea Newman
    The author of the Femme Mystique explores butch issues.
    ISBN: 0934678960 /Publisher: New Victoria /Pub Date: October 1998

    The Last Time I Wore a Dress by Daphne Scholinsky and J.M. Adams
    Account of a butch artist who spent years of her youth hospitilized for gender disorder. "Treatment" required she learn to love makeup and feminine attire.
    ISBN: 1573226963 /Publisher: Riverhead Books /Pub. Date: October 1998 /

    Stonebutch Blues by Leslie Feinberg
    This compelling and heart-rendering first novel follows the coming of age of a transgendered, working-class butch who at one point transitions into a man. The novel describes the emotional struggles of a butch child, the treatment of queers in bars being raided, and the complications of changing sex during the burgeoning feminist era.
    ISBN: 156341029X /Publisher: Firebrand /Pub. Date: March 1993

    Crystal Diary by Frankie Hucklenbroich
    Frankie Hucklenbroich's razor-edged, compelling, often wryly humorous story hustles us from the blood-and-beer-drenched corners of her St. Louis meat-packing district '5Os youth, through the sex-soaked Hollywood alleys of her '6Os baby butch years, into the druggy metropolis of '70s San Francisco.
    ISBN: 1563410826 /Publisher: Firebrand /Pub. Date: February 1997

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