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      Uneeq Femme

      Anyone in Southern Colorado?

      Hello. Looking to make some new local friends. I am in Colorado Springs.

      About me:
      36 y/o single femme. I love white water rafting,

      Uneeq Femme Yesterday, 07:32 PM Go to last post

      Good Morning Honey! :)

      We all have our burdens to carry. Mine are being single for 9 years and not wanting to get my heart broken again. Tired of not being accepted for who

      Handsome 07-01-2015, 05:28 AM Go to last post

      Good Morning Honey! :)

      Still stuck here in Florida with exe. Can't seem to get out. I think it's mostly that I'm so tired of trying to stay perky and happy with someone who

      Lill 07-01-2015, 04:27 AM Go to last post

      I should of listened to.....

      ISH listened to my heart and not my head. We would be swimming in the ocean and having coffee every morning together. Walking hand in hand on the beach......

      Lill 07-01-2015, 04:19 AM Go to last post

      Good Morning Honey! :)

      Honestly I never really left. I hate Fakebook too. I miss the old days here. I'm sure everyone is on Facebook. Not sure how that all happened? I wish

      Handsome 07-01-2015, 04:11 AM Go to last post

      Old Timers

      Hello Charles, Just saw this post, sorry I missed you.

      Lill 07-01-2015, 04:08 AM Go to last post